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Issue 4/2008

Okładka pierwszego numeru czasopisma Psychologia Społeczna


Strategies concerning psycho-business

Tadeusz Gałkowski
Warsaw School of Social Sciences

The author presents his opinion about prevention of harmful practices in such services provided by psychologists like psychotherapy, rehabilitation, and education. He emphasizes the need to draw from experiences described in publications of the American Psychological Association concerning standards of continuing education, accreditation procedures and social control over various services. Presented are some proposals concerning contents of the core academic curricula incorporating ethical standards that define steps that should be taken in order to correct or minimize the misuses in clinical practice. Another initiative consists in creating a permanent board of experts assigned for the journal "Charaktery" responsible for disseminating popular knowledge about contemporary psychology in the large society. The gap in this paper between research and practice in clinical psychology received substantial attention. Drawing from the views of a number of Polish (Kaja, Kowalik, Zawadzki) and American (Lewin, Kazdin, Marlatt) authors on both practical applications and the theory of psychology, the author claims that the divisions drawn by Witkowski and Fortuna into "pure" scientists and practitioners is unfounded.

Key words: psycho-business, psychotherapy, rehabilitation, dynamical complex systems

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