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Issue 2/2016

Okładka pierwszego numeru czasopisma Psychologia Społeczna


Influence of gender schema activation and need for 
interpersonal accommodation on lexical choices of men and women

Monika Obrębska, Paweł Kleka

Findings on language differences between men and women lead to the conclusion that these differences mainly concern communication styles in different types of social interactions. They take place mostly in relations with the opposite sex when the gender schema, forming a part of stereotypical image of women and men, is activated. Once the gender schemas are activated, they influence not only the perception and interpretation of the social world, but also modify the behavior of individuals and their self-perception in line with the content of the schemas. In addition, studies show that women in the communication situation adapt their verbal and non-verbal behavior to their partners of the opposite sex. Therefore, it can be assumed that the social context emphasizing gender may have influenced the results of studies that demonstrated different communication styles of women and men. In the present study, 75 women and 75 men were examined in six groups, in different research situations. The examined individuals performed a task either being alone or in the presence of a researcher of the same or opposite sex. In order to operationalize the dependent variable, the study used the Speech Style Quotients by Suitbert Ertel, which were modified and adapted to the Polish language. The conducted study showed differences between men and women only in reference to two quotients: Abstractness and Dogmatism.

Keywords: gender schema, interpersonal accommodation, lexical choices

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