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Issue 2/2015

Okładka pierwszego numeru czasopisma Psychologia Społeczna


Jealousy induction as influence strategy in close relationships

Eugenia Mandal, Marcin Moroń, Anna Latusek

The jealousy is induced by real or imaginary experience of engagement of one's partner in a romantic relationship with a third person, and manifests in a distress and fear of loosing one's partner (Clanton, Smith, 1997). Buss (1992) showed that jealousy can also be a tool to sustain a partner. The importance of this is very similar to using jealousy as a specific mechanism of social influence and even manipulate the partner intimate relationship (Fleischmann, Spitzberg, Andersen i Roesch, 2005). The present study tested whether using jealousy as a tactic of influence in close relationship is associated with experience of jealousy, attachment style, psychological masculinity and femininity, self-esteem contingent on the relationship, perceived own and partner's attraction, quality of alternatives, and the level of the components of love. Research was carried out among 141 people aged M = 28,5 years (SD = 11,93). Experience of jealousy correlated positively with readiness to use „jealousy evoking tactics”. Intimacy, commitment, and evaluation of own and partner’s alternatives were predictors of readiness to induce jealousy in the partner. Anxiety was a significant predictor of experienced and induced jealousy.

Key words: social influence, jealousy, close relationships

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