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Issue 2/2006

Okładka drugiego numeru czasopisma Psychologia Społeczna


The influence of beliefs about stability-malleability 
of national characteristics on stereotypes 
and attitudes towards other nations

Kinga Lachowicz-Tabaczek
Institute of Psychology, Wrocław University
Sylwia Cisek
Institute of Organization and Management, Wrocław Technical University

In the context of results of the research which has shown that implicit beliefs about the malleability/stability of human traits play a vital role in stereotype formation and expression it was hypothesised that beliefs about stability/malleability of whole nations' traits also may influence stereotypes and attitudes toward different nations. The beliefs about stability or malleability of ones own nation or other national traits were induced and then value of stereotypes and attitudes toward other nations were measured. The participants convinced about the malleability of other nations' traits showed more positive stereotype and attitudes towards all foreign nations than those who believed that national traits are stable. Conversely participants who were convinced that their own national traits are fixed presented a more positive attitude towards other nations that those who believed that Polish characteristics may change and evolve.

Key words: stereotypes, attitude towards other nations, beliefs about stability and malleability of national traits

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