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Issue 2/2014

Okładka pierwszego numeru czasopisma Psychologia Społeczna


Cultural Adaptation of Cross-Cultural Coping Scale – CCCS, 
by  Kuo, Roysircar and Newby-Clark

Anna Kwiatkowska, Joanna Roszak, Renata Sikora, Ben Kuo,
Konstantin Karpinskij, Tatiana Gushchina, Greta Gober

The paper describes cultural adaptation of the Cross-Cultural Coping Scale – CCCS. It is a part of the international research project, aimed to compare cultures with regard to preferred coping strategies, such as engagement, avoidance and collective coping. The CCCS is based on an idea of scenarios (relevant to specific research questions) describing stressful situations and includes a list of 26 possible reactions to each situation. Research comprised samples from Norway, Poland, Belarus and Russia (N=759). In order to assess the measurement invariance (configural, metric and scalar) the multigroup confirmatory factorial analysis (MGCFA) was performed using AMOS 21. After excluding Russian data due to their configural noninvariance (four factors revealed, instead of three), configural and metric invariance was supported in three national groups. However, neither full nor partial scalar invariance was achieved. Two versions of the CCCS were constructed: the Western three-factor version and the Russian four-factor version. Both had sufficient reliability.

Keywords: Cross-Cultural Coping Scale, measurement invariance, MG CFA

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