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Issue 3/2011

Okładka pierwszego numeru czasopisma Psychologia Społeczna


The psychological contract in organization -
the questionnaire of psychological contract.

Krystyna Adamska

Psychological contract refers to employment relationships. It consists of mutual obligations and expectations of an employer and an employee. The state of psychological contract influences conditions of cooperation. Specific expectations of both sides of psychological contract go beyond the formal agreement. Such features of psychological contract as its dynamic nature, organization of individual knowledge of employment relations in cognitive schema decide about its regulative role in organizational behaviors. They are also associated with the openness to organizational change. The content of the psychological contract can take three forms: balanced, relational and transactional. The paper presents results of the research intended to specify psychometric features of the Denis Rousseau Psychological Contract Inventory on the Polish sample. The results suggest that it is possible to apply its modified version in the Polish organizations. This makes it to use the concept of psychological contract not only theoretically but also in the diagnosis and change of employment relations.

Key words: psychological contract, relational contract, balanced contract, transactional contract, employment relations, forms of sociality.

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