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Issue 4/2009

Okładka pierwszego numeru czasopisma Psychologia Społeczna


The meaning of sentence and the implied meaning. 
Communication-semantic aspects of comprehension of utterances 
with sentence negation and performative negation.

Józef Maciuszek
Institute of Applied Psychology
Jagiellonian University

The study analyzed semantic relationships between sentence negation, performative negation and statements with reference to utterances described by the speech acts theory as representatives (asertives). The research showed that interpretation of utterance was dependent on form of the uterance (statements, negations), the affective mark, and contextual factors (expectations in regard to commented events and relationship between the speaker and the receiver). In Experiment 1 the interpretation of utterance in form of either statement or sentence negation was investigated. In Experiment 2 the performative verb was used and another form of utterance (performative negation) was included. The obtained results confirm assumption of the conversational inference model that interpretation of a message depends on the context. Additionally, the results demonstrated that there exist two meaning relations between statements, the sentence negation and the performative negation, which vary dependent on the affective meaning of the message and on the contextual factors.

Key words: performative negation; sentence negation; verbal politeness; conversational implicature; sentence meaning

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